Determining the
value of
Kandinsky’s art

Why should I have my Kandinsky drawing or painting appraised?

We perform appraisals for the following reasons:

  • accurate asking prices for auction and private sale
  • estate inventory valuation
  • divorce settlement claims
  • tax-deductible donations to museums and other non-profit organizations
  • update existing appraisals to reflect changes in the market
  • simple curiosity

Are the appraisers at Kandinsky Experts certified?

All of our experts are licensed by the USPAP and have many years of industry experience. They are intimately familiar with the current state of the market and the sale record for Kandinsky’s work since the 1980s.

What sets Kandinsky Experts apart from the competition?

Our focus on the works of Wassily Kandinsky allows us to determine a painting or drawing’s artistic merit – an unquantifiable artistic aspect that deeply affects its value. Kandinsky moved through several stylistic periods and associated with a number of historically significant groups.

Our detailed knowledge of this information helps us to better assess the rarity and importance of each work of art. In the context of a household name like Kandinsky, errors in judgment can result in million-dollar losses.

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